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Following the Footprints

“It was the beginning our adventure, an evening excursion into the bush.  We were floating in an open craft down the Zambezi River in Zambia; suddenly there appeared the eyes and ears of one hippo, then another.  They were right there beside our boat as we watched silently, holding our breath.  This was just the first of many wondrous moments.”

Thus begins the introduction to my book of photographs taken in the African Bush.  They were taken in a span of 8 days in early November, 2005.  Following the Footprints will allow you to experience your own personal safari.  The images are randomly placed just as they would be if you were there.   As you turn the pages you will begin to feel the vastness of the savannah, view the animals up close, and experience the vibrancy of an African sunset.

“Africa is the only place on earth where you can view the Big 5 as they are known — the lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant and leopard — nature’s finest in their natural habitat. To appreciate the land and its inhabitants to its fullest, you must surrender yourself to the surroundings as you are the visitor, and the kingdom demands your respect. It is a privilege to be allowed in their world…to follow the footprints.  Welcome to the African bush.”

Book details
13” W x 11” H
78 pages; 85 images
Image wrap cover; Premium Paper
A signed photograph of the cover image “Hitching a Ride” that is suitable for framing, is included with the book. 
$90.00 USA.

"I am delighted to endorse Marsha's new book, Following The Footprints. Her compassion and love for our animal world is stunningly represented in these wonderful photographs. She has captured for our enjoyment life as it truly must be on the African plain. Please accept my congratulations!"

Regards, Monte
Monte Nagler Photography, LLC

"Knowing Marsha is realizing her drive for excellence in others as well as herself.  This handsome book is another facet of her creativity and
enthusiasm for life-long learning."  

Gene Meadows
Meadows & Co
Fine Art and Architectural Photography

"Marsha Gordon's photographic journey through Botswana is an intimate, insightful and tender foray into the African bush. That she could capture these proud, poignant and playful moments of lions, leopards, elephants and more is a testament to her skills both as a photographer and as a very special human being. Looking forward to Volume II!"

Theresa Falzone
Editor in Chief, Signature Media/StyleLine Magazine

"Marsha captures the essence of life on the Kalahari with her camera – just as I have photographed it to memory from my childhood growing up in Botswana. I was completely moved by Following the Footprints."

Ambre Abbott Ellenson